Fixed Deposits


"Fixed Deposit” is a financial instrument provided by Society to its members with a higher rate of interest until the given maturity date. Fixed deposit considered to be very safe investments.

Invest in Indira Gandhi Women's Multipurpose Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society (FIXED DEPOSIT). We offer attractive returns on fixed deposits and investing in them is really simple and convenient. In FIXED DEPOSIT Scheme a certain sum of money is deposited in the Society for a specified time period with a fixed rate of interest. When you want to invest your hard earned money for a longer period of time and get a regular income, FIXED DEPOSIT Scheme is ideal. It is SAFE, LIQUID and FETCHES HIGH RETURNS.

Salient Features –

Who can open Fixed Deposit account:

⇒ A single Member adult or two Member adults jointly.

⇒ A guardian on behalf of a minor or a person of unsound mind.

Where can be opened:

Who can open Fixed Deposit account:

⇒ At walk-in our Branch office.

⇒ And with the help of CRO or Field Associates.

Minimum deposit amount- 10,000

6Months 6% for Men
6.5% for Women and Senior Citizen
1YEAR 8% for Men
8.5% for Women and Senior Citizen
2YEARS 9% for Men
9.5% for Women and Senior Citize
3YEARS 10% for Men
10.5% for Women and Senior Citizen
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